Success Stories

Balanced Inventory is a one-of-a-kind Inventory Optimization cloud-based bolt-on program that helps companies achieve 100% on-time order fulfillment by automatically signaling inventory adjustments based on forecast, demand and replenishment fluctuations.

  • Increased Inventory Turns

  • Inventory Appropriate for Demand

  • >30% Inventory Reduction Increased Profits

  • Minimized Impact of Forecast Inaccuracy

  • Reduced Effort Managing Inventory

The Army has one of the most complex and critically important supply chains in the world. All elements of the supply chain must move in lock-step with one another and adjust to demand variations rapidly. Balanced Inventory helped synchronize the Army supply chain and provided visibility of supply and demand.

For a medical organization, Balanced Inventory reduced inventory by 56%, eliminated costly stockouts, reduced time and effort formerly required by the SAP™ system, reduced fulfillment time from weeks to same day, enabled closing rented warehouse space, and improved customer service that doubled revenue within two years.

Balanced Inventory assisted a manufacturer of writing instruments that include components from numerous sources, some with exceedingly long lead times, some with short shelf lives. This firm lacked visibility into the supply chain that led to excessive safety stock. Balanced Inventory connected supply chain partners; provided real-time and future demand visibility; reduced inventories of all supply chain partners, some as much as 80%; reduced stock-outs from 5% to 1%; reduced management time and cost.

The US Marine Corps emphasizes readiness to deploy anywhere are in the world. Balanced Inventory ensured new Marines were well equipped, reduced inventory by 50%, provided visibility of inventory and demand status, and reduced cost and effort of expediting.

Oobe provides uniforms for the demanding quick service restaurant industry that insists uniforms be in stock so that new employees may go to work immediately. Customers will not accept inventory shortages that delay new uniform roll-outs. Balanced Inventory enabled oobe to satisfy customers, reduced the complexity of replenishment ordering, and decreased management effort from days to minutes by linking to their ERP system.