Balancing - Why


  • Improves ERP or other system currently managing inventory – click here to see how it works
  • Works for any company that replenishes inventory
  • Manages one company or entire supply chain


  • Provides free trial and free support
  • Leverages $1 million R&D and patented concepts


  • Reduces inventory by 50% – 90%
  • Turns inventory 4-10 times faster
  • Eliminates stock outages after about 5 ordering/production cycles
  • Begins saving in a few weeks; Pays back in less than a year
  • Mitigates impact of variations in demand and replenishment lead-times (“bullwhip effect”)
  • Increases customer satisfaction


  • Requires less than two days to setup
  • Integrates easily with legacy systems
  • Allows user customization
  • Provides software-as-a-service


Try – Evaluate easily with a no-fee pilot project
Buy – Enjoy guaranteed satisfaction and license cost < 25% of savings